Our Customer Promise: Access, Relief & Respect

In the third quarter of 2014, the Company announced a new master brand: goeasy. The Company's new goeasy master brand will provide a corporate umbrella that unites and supports its sub-brands of easyhome and easyfinancial and allows it to more effectively reach its targeted demographic – the cash and credit constrained consumer.  The goeasy master brand will allow the Company to maximize its advertising dollars by promoting all of its easy brands (home and financial) under one umbrella with one common message focused around its customer promise.  It will allow the Company to reach a new set of customers that were previously unaware of its products and services, facilitate the launch of new products and services under the goeasy master brand and, longer term, reduce the cost of customer acquisition.  The investment in the creation of the goeasy master brand gives the Company a clear vision for future growth and will create more brand equity through awareness of its diversified products with its customers.

The goeasy customer promises is supported by 3 core pillars of access, relief and respect which are the Company’s commitment to its customers.  These core pillars have become part of the Company’s culture.  The metrics associated with each customer promise are key performance indicators.  The Company strongly believes in transparency and the scores for each promise are posted on the goeasy.com site.  The key metric for access is the goeasy approval rating; in other words what percentage of applicants are approved for a lease or loan.  The relief brand promise is focused on providing customers with a quick decision on their application. The metric for this promise is the percentage of applications that have a decision on their loan within 30 minutes. The final brand promise - respect, is measured on customer satisfaction scores.  Management are pleased with the Company’s performance on its customer promise and continues to explore ways to improve the performance around these key performance indicators.


We say YES more than anyone else



We give you a decision within 30 minutes

90%in under 30 mins


We have HAPPY customers

96%Satisfied Customers

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